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Our school is in a beautiful spot in the Calder Valley. While the School opened as a Junior and Infant School in 1894, we became a Converter Academy in December 2011. We are now part of Brighter Futures Academy Trust. We are very proud of our school and children and aim to give all children a full and rounded education, helping them to fulfil their full potential. Whether you are just browsing the website or looking for specific information we are glad you are visiting our site. Please have a look at what we offer and what the children are learning. 

Mrs R Denham

Head of School

At Brighter Futures Academy Trust, we are committed to improving the life chances of all children. Where we have the capacity to make a difference, we are morally bound to do so. We believe every child deserves the best possible start in life – a world class education aimed at helping the children in Brighter Futures Academy Trust schools become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Our mission is to help every young person in our schools to expand their horizons, and build the confidence, talents, interests, skills and qualifications to succeed as they make their way towards a fulfilling and prosperous adulthood. Members of the Trust strive together for excellence in partnership, so that our children, staff and communities benefit from excellent teaching, learning,leadership and opportunities.

The child will always be at the centre, with personalised learning our starting point, making the challenges of 'Every Child Matters' a reality. Each child will be encouraged to develop a greater understanding of themselves as a learner, what their strengths are, how they can share these with others and their next steps in their continual learning journey. Pupils will be encouraged and inspired to believe in themselves, build dreams and aspirations and strive to achieve these.  Every child will be given the same opportunity to succeed, whatever his or her prior attainment. A key principle of Brighter Futures Academy Trust is that member Academies maintain their own character. However we aim to capture and maximize the collective expertise and skill set for the benefit of all members of the organisation.

We currently have a vacancy for an additional cleaner - 12.5 hours a week (3.30pm until 6.00pm everyday).  We need someone as soon as possible. Please ask Mrs Roberts for an appication pack.


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  • Luddendenfoot Academy (December 2013)

    'Pupils have extremely good manners. They are polite and treat each other and all adults with respect. They are very inquisitive and have the confidence to talk openly to visitors, asking as well as answering questions. They listen well to each other’s points of view, and can articulate their own views very clearly.  Pupils care well for each other. The inspector saw some excellent examples of pupils supporting each other with their learning, and looking after pupils who were anxious or upset.

  • Luddendenfoot Academy (December 2013)

    'Positive relationships between pupils and adults are a strong feature of all lessons, and create a positive climate for learning. In the best lessons, teachers use good questioning skills to encourage pupils to explain and develop their ideas. Good opportunities are provided for discussion, so that pupils can learn from each other and practise developing their communication skills. Teachers and teaching assistants spot when pupils are struggling and take action to support them and move them on.'

  • Luddendenfoot Academy (December 2013)

    Pupils make good progress in reading. They learn in Reception and Key Stage 1 how to use phonics (their knowledge of letters and the sounds that they make) to sound out words. They develop their skills across Key Stage 2 so that by Year 6 they can read fluently, with confidence and obvious enjoyment.

  • Luddendenfoot Academy (December 2013)

    The interim headteacher, with the support of the governors, has introduced a number of significant measures to bring about improvement. The work of the school is now rigorously monitored, systems for performance management of teachers are robust, and clear action plans are in place.  The interim headteacher has introduced a cycle of lesson observations, and teachers are now receiving clear and accurate feedback about their performance and guidance about how to improve. The interim headteacher is using links with the Brighter Futures Trust to ensure support from other schools, and opportunities have been provided for staff to observe good practice in teaching elsewhere. 

Contact Information

If you require any further information regarding the work of the Trust please contact the CEO's PA, Ms. C Roberts on 01422 354976 or email

If you wish to contact the Trust Business Manager, telephone Mrs A. Davis on 01422 354976 or email